4 Tips to Make Family Photos Happen

When the kids are small there is the struggle between naptime and snack time and that time when the kids melt down every day. Then, the kids get older and it’s harder to get them all in one place as they fill their own schedule with activities. So, how do we get those memories recorded now so we can look back at how cute and little our kids were?

#1 Bring Your Photographer With You
My best advice is to pick an activity that you do anyway and have your photographer come along with you. Do you cut your own tree every year? Or visit a pumpkin patch? Bring your photographer along!

Do you have another even that your kids will be dressed up for? Ask your photographer if they do mini sessions. You might be able to fit one in with the family already dressed up.

I know Pinterest is full of matching outfits and perfectly put-together kids. You can still have beautiful family photos without Pinterest-worthy details. What matters is having the memories captured for all time.
Even a day at the beach or park can become a perfect opportunity to have a photographer come and get updated photos.
Remember to choose your photographer wisely. You will want someone that is willing to be a little more laid back. Plan for a few full family shots between other activities and more spontaneous snapshots.

#2 Bring a Sitter
If you have several small children, try bringing your favorite babysitter along. That will give the kids one more adult that they know and an extra person to encourage the kids to cooperate. Many images get discarded because the parents are trying so hard to get the kids to cooperate, then when the kids finally look at the camera and give their best smile the parents are still looking down at the child (usually with an exasperated look).
Tip for parents: your photographer should be doing the work to get the kids’ attention (that’s what you are paying for, right?!). If you can stay in position then the photographer can catch the perfect shot as soon as the kids look at the camera.

#3 Trust Your Photographer
RELAX! The photographer is there for you, not you for the photographer. Don’t worry. We know kids. We’ve seen it all. Trust me, your kid is not the worst we’ve seen. Part of the joy of my job is getting the shot even when it’s challenging.

portrait of a little boy at a park
close up portrait of young girl at a park
close up portrait of a little girl playing at a park

#4 Snacks!
Bring (non-messy) snacks. It’s hard to fit in an activity between the scheduled needs of small kids. Your photographer can even capture candid photos during the snack break. Everyone benefits from kids that have their snack on time!

Above all else, get photos! You will be so, so glad you did!

Portrait of a young boy and girl

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