Beginning Again

My photography journey has had several phases. When I was a teen I got my first point and shoot camera and headed off from Texas to spend a summer in Alaska. What an amazing amount of options for my newly born creative hobby. I don’t know if photography would have stuck anyway, but the photos I came back with only caused me to want to take more, learn more, and figure out how to better utilize my camera.

Then, I got my first manual film camera in my early 20’s. It was completely manual! Even to the point of having to use an external light meter. I learned a ton about photography. But mostly I learned how much I didn’t know. Through lots of pain, sweat, and tears (lots and lots of tears) I gained an understanding of how cameras do what they do. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent with a completely 100% manual camera. 

After switching over to a digital camera I eventually had people asking me to take photos for them. That is when I realized how much I enjoy photographing people. As my tiny photography business started to grow I decided that the timing wasn’t right and that I wanted to spend the early years totally focused on my kids. So, I chose to step back.

I continued to take photos. Mostly of my kids, their friends, and our animals. And, I continued to learn more about photography.

Now that my kids are out of the small-child phase I am so excited to expand back out to doing photos for others again.

This is Sam.

I feel so blessed to get to be a part of his Senior photo session. He is the oldest son of dear friends of ours and he has been a joy to watch grow up. I am so glad that this session happened to be the first one for me as I relaunch my career. It was a super fun session to do.

Thanks, Sam! 

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  1. Amazing photos of Sam. You even got smiles.

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