But, I have an iPhone…

I was recently asked what I thought about the new iPhone camera.  So many thoughts!

To be totally honest, I do not have an iPhone. I am an Android user. Phone cameras have come a long way from the grainy, blurred photos of years ago. They are faster and have better resolution. 

I’ve seen Instagram posts comparing iPhone photos to professional cameras. They look almost identical… on your screen.

I am all for capturing the everyday moments that you want to remember. Phones are amazing for that. They are easy to carry around. In fact, we almost always have them with us. The current generation is the most documented ever, almost exclusively due to cameras on our phones.

But, then why have a professional photographer take your family photos, professional headshots, or branding session?

woman in coffee shop with coffee mug
photo prints on table

Professional photographers bring several things to the table that are invaluable for these types of images. 

1. Gear. Professional photographers have cameras and lenses and reflectors and tripods and all. the. things! They know how to use their tools to get the shot that they want. 

2. Prints. Professional photographers have cameras that are capable of enlarging your image for a beautiful print or canvas on your wall. Printing is very different than displaying on a screen. If I were to display my photos at full resolution online it would take forever to load and there wouldn’t be any benefit because screens just can’t display at the full resolution. Camera phones are great for displaying on digital media, but printing is a whole ‘nother matter.

3. Experience. Professional photographers bring education and experience to the session. What is the best way to position the subject to get the best light? How to pose people for the most flattering look. Pro photographers are always learning new tips and getting better at their craft as they pursue continuing professional development. 

*Bonus* Access. My clients have access to professional lab prints and products. Products that aren’t available to the general public but only through professional photographers. I have added several new custom products this year that I have specifically chosen because they are incredible and I am so excited to offer them to my clients!   

To sum up, take photos with your phone to capture the day-to-day moments you want to remember. But, hire a professional photographer to get those amazing portraits that will last generations.

Both have their place.

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