Dogwood Photography Challenge – week 5

This week on the Dogwood Photography Challenge was based on composition. Specifically, it was to use symmetry in landscape to show a different point of view. You can see my previous weeks of the challenge here

Symmetry can give a feeling of peacefulness in a photograph. It caters to the brain’s desire for order.  If you play with it a little it can give a bit of tension by having most of the photo symmetrical but having one component off center. It’s seen in many photo-journalistic images. 

I am truly loving the assignments for this photography challenge. They are really making me stretch and grow in my photography and push me out of my comfort zone into better art.

Trees with snow looking up from between them

We had snow this week and since my son’s photography class continues to press on with his its own assignments, he and I bundled up and went out into our neighborhood to see what caught our fancy. Our neighborhood is made up of houses on 1.5+ acres and one of those houses has a trail that is open to anyone that wants to explore it. The trail winds down through a forest into a valley. 

I had originally thought I would go for a photo of the valley with the trees on the other side in a more traditional landscape image. Then I saw these two trees next to each other with the great snow patterning up the trunks. I sat just in front of the trees and leaned back between them and focused up to get this great point of view.

For those that care, I shoot with a Canon 70D and the settings for this image were 1/500 sec at f/5.6 with a focal length of 18mm and an ISO of 100. If I were planning enlarging it I would have gone with a smaller aperture and more depth of field. But, really the images for this challenge I see as a catalyst for refining my eye toward new ways of seeing things (and I didn’t have my tripod with me!)

I have always been a fan of anything that makes me look for a different point of view. It really makes me see the world in a whole new way!

We are expecting more snow to come this weekend and I am looking forward to adventuring out into it with my camera.

boy taking a photo through trees in the snow
close up of moss covered in snow
snowy field seen through strands of a barbed wire fence
Cattails on a snowy day
view across a valley field on a snowy day
Bench under a tree with a view across a snowy valley

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