Dogwood Photography Challenge – week 6

This week in the Dogwood Photography Challenge was: no filters, presets, or other edits. 

You can find my previous challenge photos here.

I suppose with our recent weather this photo is quite appropriate. Living in Western Washington where we get very little snow a couple of inches is newsworthy. This last weekend we got 20 inches at our house with power outages (then rain on top of the snow). It was cold! Luckily we have both a fireplace and a wood stove.

close up of fire

I strive for my photos to be what I want straight out of the camera (SOOC) but often times I do end up doing some editing. My software of choice is Adobe Lightroom. There are also times when I use Adobe Photoshop, but that is rare. 

The image I used for the challenge had no alterations or edits done. It was truly straight out of my camera. I only ran it through Lightroom to convert the file from RAW to a jpg.

Generally most of my edits are to just give a photo a bit more contrast. In my SOOC image the extreme dark and light ends are blown out and have no detail. They aren’t bad and probably most people would not be able to tell.

I went ahead and did the edits that I would have done if I were editing it. You can see what I did below. I gave it a little more contrast between the darks and lights and removed some of the spots created by the glass on the front of our wood stove.

I was happy with the first image but I am happier with the slightly edited second image. I feel like it gives it a bit more drama and depth.

There is a debate in the photography world about editing and how far you can edit until the photo is no longer reality. I lean toward less editing but I also really like some of the over-the-top photos out there

For now I’m just excited to have power back and I’m ready for the soggy snow to be gone and life to get back to normal.

Which image do you like better?

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close up of fire

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