Dogwood Photography Challenge – week 7

This week the challenge was to show love, specifically to tell a love story in one image. 

As I often do with these challenges I sat with the idea for awhile and went back and forth on what I wanted my subject to be. The obvious one would be a couple showing romantic love, but there is so much more love in the world than just romance. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely a romantic, but at this time in my life I am more into the chauffeuring of kids to all the places and doing mountains of laundry and less into the moonlit walks on the beach. Love looks different at different seasons of our lives. 

This year I did a heart each day from February 1 -14 with one thing I loved about each kid. Those hearts were taped to their doors so they had a new heart to find each morning. 

My kids definitely felt loved.

Affirmations written on paper hearts on a wall

I chose to edit the image this month in a much stronger arty-ish style. The colors are a bit desaturated and the contrast is boosted up. It seems to gave it more emotion.

If you are following the photography challenge you may remember back a few weeks we were talking about the rule of thirds. This photo decidedly breaks that rule. I knew I wanted most of the hearts out of focus with only really being able to read one. I carefully chose my focus point and my aperture to get the top right heart in focus but blur the rest. It was on purpose. Sometimes it’s about knowing the rules so you can break them.

Next weeks challenge is about leading lines. You can see it on my Instagram page. I will also be blogging about it next week.

Unless it snows again.

If that happens I’m going south.

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