Dogwood Photography Challenge – week 8

The Dogwood Photography Challenge for week 8 was the compositional element of leading lines; specifically to show the concept of infinity.

This week was the first week that I’ve pulled from past photos that I’ve taken. Since I live here in the Pacific Northwest I have been under an unusual amount of snow and my whole life has been thrown off. This challenge was for the last week of February and our snow just finally melted this week (third week of March!). I’ve lived in snowy places before (Alaska!) and I am all for snow if there is the infrastructure to handle it. We, here in the PNW, just don’t get enough snow to justify spending on snow removal. We also lost power for several days. And a tree. And my ducks yelled at me as if I had caused the snow. 

It was beautiful, though.

After so much white I was ready for some color, so I went back through photos I took at a local tulip farm. You can find my other post with more photos from that day here.

This weeks challenge was specifically on leading lines. Leading lines are lines, or things that make lines, in a photograph to draw your eye to a certain location. Many people use fence lines (or around here, docks) that draw your eye in. As you can see in this photo the idea is to draw your eye in and insinuate that the line goes on forever. 

I loved the break in the colors of the tulips and the amazingly straight rows. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a tulip farm it does seem like the colors go on forever.

I hope that you like the color and promise of Spring that this week’s photo brings.

The next challenge photo is story telling: mood. 

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