The Dogwood Photography Challenge 2019 – week 1

This year I am taking part in the Dogwood Photography Challenge. Each week the topics will rotate through 3 categories: story-telling, composition, and inspiration. I will be blogging about each of my photos the following week here. If you want to see my submissions on the week they get posted, please follow me on Instagram

The first challenge was for story telling and it was to take a picture that tells who you are without actually showing your face

Here is my week one photo.

Reflection of person in pond with raindrops

I struggled to figure out what I wanted for my submission for this assignment and went through several ideas over the course of the week.

At first I thought about doing something with horses. Then I had a great idea to get hats for all the things I do (equestrian, mom, wife, chef, nurse, item location specialist, the list goes on). The problem with these ideas was that they are things that I do, not who I am. I have struggled much of my life equating things that I do with who I am. I felt like it would be somehow contrary to my life journey to shoot a self portrait with all the things that I do.

 So I started thinking about who I am. Water has always meant a lot to me. I love the symbolism of the nourishing coolness that it portrays and the draw it has on all things living. Also, the rain – I love rain. I always have. 

The final thing I wanted in my photo was part of me not just my reflection. So, that is why the toes of my boots are just visible at the bottom. I took several shots without my feet and they felt too anonymous.

What would you include in a self portrait if you were to do one? 

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