The Dogwood Photography Challenge – Week 3

This is my week 3 submission to the Dogwood Photography Challenge. (You can find week 1 here, and week 2 here). In the rotation of story telling, composition, and inspiration, this week falls under inspiration. Next week we will be back around to story telling again.

The assignment was to simply take an amazing black and white photo. 

It’s easy to say that black and white photos are just color photos that have been desaturated, and while that is technically true it really doesn’t truly describe a good black and white image. 

I do not pretend to be a great photographer, especially with black and white. Photography is essentially the capturing of light. When you take a color photo it’s easy to see the color and miss the nuances of shadow. With black and white you only have light and shadow. The texture takes more of a center stage when there is no color to distract the eye. 

When I switch into black and white I look for texture and challenge myself to capture an image that people want to reach into and touch.

This photo was actually not planned out as my Dogwood Challenge photo. I was working on lighting with my son, who is currently taking a photography course through his high school. His assignment was to experiment with back light, front light, and side light. He was struggling to get the side lighting to expose correctly. So I gave it a try to show him what the lighting should look like and this was the image I got. 

Our German Shepherd, Freyja, was fairly cooperative posing for us.

What do you prefer, black and white images or color? Does texture play a very big role in whether or not you will be drawn to an image?

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