The Dogwood Photography Challenge – Week 4

The Dogwood Photography challenge this week was from the category of storytelling. The specific assignment was for warmth – tell a story that makes us feel warm inside. Here are my first three weeks of photos.

To be totally honest, storytelling is not my strongest skill. It’s part of the reason I’ve taken on the 52 week challenge this year. I will only get better by doing, right?!

Storytelling is a tough thing for many photographers to master. It’s the part of the photo that evokes emotion; that makes you want to know more. It’s the “conversation” you have with the image. I think of it as similar to reading a great work of literature, you can come back to it over and over again. Here is a great article about story telling in photography if you want more information about it.

pulling a shot with an Espresso machine with Pike Place coffee mug

As I’ve started my own business and gotten into the idea of branding and researching it more, we have talked a lot in our home about the idea of a company selling an idea or an experience more than an item/product. Ask most coffee aficionados and they will tell you that Starbucks coffee is not all that good, but they still buy and drink it. Why? Because they are purchasing an experience. 

A few years ago we purchased this espresso maker (best purchase ever! ) and it sits prominently on our counter. I exclusively drink decaffeinated coffee. Why do I even bother? Because, I love everything about it. The fun selection of mugs, the smell of the coffee brewing, the sound of the coffee as it hits the bottom of the mug or the milk steaming. I love having friends over to share the time and conversation. To me it is the catalyst for warmth, both physical from the heat of the coffee but also emotional with the connection it bring from time shared with others. 

If you had to take a photo of something that makes you think or warmth, what would it be?


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  1. I would take a picture of a homemade blanket. I use them all winter to stay physically warm, but I also feel wrapped in the warmth of the person who made the blanket for our family.

  2. Heather, I love homemade blankets! We have a few blankets that were made by family members that have passed away and I love the idea of wrapping up in something their hands made. What a great idea of warmth.

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