The Hutchins Family

I recently had the opportunity to take photos of this adorable family. Jonathan and Sarah recently welcomed Woody into their world and are learning the ins and outs of first time parenthood. It was so fun to spend some time with them and to witness first hand their love and adoration for their first child. There is just something so sweet about watching as parents discover new and ever more adorable things about their babies. I think it makes you want to still keep those kids when they turn into smelly teenagers! 

This couple is fully aware of the teenager stage that awaits Woody since Jonathan serves as the youth pastor for our church. He is part of the village that it takes to raise my (smelly!) teenager. They are part of the village for many families and lots of teenagers in our church. They do a fabulous job and it was such a joy for me to capture this sweet moment in their lives.

Portrait of couple looking at baby
Natural light portrait of couple with baby sitting on bench
black and white portrait of couple with newborn baby
Natural light portrait of baby on shoulder of man
Natural light portrait of couple with newborn baby sitting on bench

Thanks Jonathan and Sarah for letting me into this special time. You are a blessing to us! 

Congratulations on having a super sweet and totally adorable little boy.

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