What is Your Story?

Family of 4 photo in tall golden grass

Everyone has a story.

Every family has a story. 

Are you a lovely lady bringing up three very lovely girls? Or a man bringing up three boys of his own? Do you have a ring that needs to be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom? (For your sake, I hope not, that is a perilous journey fraught with much danger – and orks!) Do you sport a lightning scar?

All kidding aside, what is your story? It matters.

We don’t hang all our deep secrets out for everyone to see, but we do present a story with our photos. What does your social media feed say about you? Who are the main characters that appear over and over again? 

When we look back at our lives, when our children are here but we have passed on, what do the images we leave behind say about what was important to us. Will they be hidden on a hard drive (oh, please no! but, that will be another blog post soon)? Or somewhere in the cloud? Or will they be written on the walls of our home? Will our children see pictures of themselves as part of a unit?

I believe that my all time favorite characters of any story should be on my walls. They should be in albums showing a family that belonged together. 

I once had a pastor that used to say, “Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters.”

Your story deserves to be illustrated in beautiful images to enjoy.

Portrait of couple looking at baby

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